1. Mezzi Gallo (half rooster) (Italian folk tale)
2. Intro to a Story a Story (Introduction to audience participation)
3. A Story a Story (West African folk tale about Anansi bringing stories to the world)
4. The Snail with the Silver Shell (Based on a Sicilian folk tale retold as The Story Snail by author Anne Rockwell)
5. The Mule and the Jealous Farmer (An African American inspirational tale)
6. The Barking Mouse (Retold from the picture book written by Antonio Sacre)
7. A Family on my Block (A common sense tale)
8. Talking Vegetable Blues (An original song written by Karen DeMauro)
CD Only

How Ananzi got his Narrow Waist
The little Girl and the Gunny Wolf
The Three Little Pigs
The Beggar Boy and the Kings Daughter
Ananzi and Common Sense.....and more...
CD and Casse tte

It's How you Say It
Pat Divers the Fixer
Old Man Winter
and more...
CD and Cassette

Coconut and the Monkey's Face
Ananzi's Riding Horse
The Old Woman and the Pumpkin
Bubbles­Why Cat's Wash After Eating
and more... CD and Cassette

Nho Lobo
Wiley and the Hairy Man
and more... CD Only