WORKSHOPS in the Classroom
The humorous story may be spun out to great length and may wander about as much as it pleases and arrive at nowhere particularMark Twain
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RIC teacher candidates captivated by Len Cabral’s storytelling workshop

By Liz Garofalo Coordinator, Community Service Learning
Feinstein School of Education and Human Development

Storytelling has been effectively used as a teaching tool and has been enjoyed by adults and children throughout history around campfires, in drawing rooms and salons, on stages and in classrooms. Telling a good story is an opportunity to share life lessons, make history come to life, inspire imagination, evoke feelings, convey information and simply provide enjoyment. It is the bridge between the spoken and written word, an exercise in oral communication and listening if you are in the audience. Read More..


Storytelling is an art and can be taught to people from 5 years to 95 years. Len teaches storytelling skills to children, teachers, parents and other storytellers and customizes his workshops for each level.

WORKSHOPS For elementary, middle school and high school students

Following a storytelling performance, Len offers classroom workshops that focus on enhancing the development of listening and communication skills.


The workshop begins with opportunities for questions which students may have pertaining to the performance, followed by discussions on the use of movement, gesture, voice and silence within a story, plus techniques used to encourage audience participation. Len will provide opportunities for group storytelling exercises that engage students in the process of telling their own stories to each other and to younger students, brothers and sisters. 


WORKSHOPS For teachers, parents, librarians, storytellers  

We all have stories:Len designs workshops for people who love a good story and want to learn how to tell one! Everyone can improve his or her communication and presentation skills. Len shows ways to tell a better story that will leave children, teachers, employers and co-workers engaged, entertained and informed.



Those that take the workshop will leave with a story to tell and the confidence to tell it.


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