Where do you perform?lensgraphic1
I perform at schools, libraries, festivals and museums.

Do you travel?
Yes, I work throughout the United States and travel internationally.

What is a typical school visit?
Two back to back performances.

What is the length of a typical performance?
Performances last 40-45 minutes, but can be a little shorter or longer depending on grade levels or a school’s needs.

Is there an audience size limit?
I prefer to limit the audience in school shows to 200 students per show (but this is flexible). Audience size for festivals and other venues vary.

How many shows will you do in one day?
I offer three shows for larger groups, very seldom four shows.

Do you offer block-booking discounts to school districts?
Yes, email me for details. Lencabral@gmail.com

Do you have programs that will engage high school and middle school students?
Yes, I have programs for all ages and grade levels.

Do you offer workshops on the art of storytelling?
Yes, I offer classroom workshops after performances. These visits are typically held in the classroom or in the school library.

How long are your workshops and what is their content?
Workshops are 45 minutes in length. I teach methods I use to find and write stories, along with the techniques I use to tell stories and engage the listening audience. We discuss what it is to be an active listener. Workshops are interactive—students participate in storytelling exercises. I also offer workshops that prepare students to perform to a wider school audience.

Do you do residencies?
Yes, residencies include performances and workshops in one school over an extended period (usually three-five days). I do residencies in schools and universities.

How long have you been a Storyteller working in schools?
I have been telling stories professionally for 35 years.

How and when did you start telling stories?
I began telling stories in the early 1970s while working with four and five year olds at an Early Childhood Education Center in Providence, RI.