Workshop Information

Storytelling is an art that can be taught to people of all ages. Len teaches storytelling skills to children, teachers, parents and other storytellers and customizes his workshops for each level.

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WORKSHOPS for students of all ages. 

Following a storytelling performance, Len offers classroom workshops that focus on storytelling as an art form. The workshop begins with opportunities for questions, which students may have pertaining to the performance. This is followed by discussions on the use of movement, gesture, voice and silence within a story, plus techniques used to encourage audience participation. During a workshop, Len facilitates exercises that engage students in the process of telling their own stories, as a precursor to writing their stories.

WORKSHOPS for teachers, parents, librarians and storytellers

Everyone can improve his or her communication and presentation skills. Len shows ways to tell a story that will leave children, teachers, employers and co-workers engaged, entertained and informed. Those who take this workshop will leave with a story to tell and the confidence to tell it.

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